Frequently Asked Questions: Answered by Developers

Q: Where can I find this game?

A: Dooley Rider will be available as a free downloadable app on both Apple and Android app stores.

Q: Will this really improve my time management?

A: We cannot guarantee anything, but what we can say is that if you play or game it will definitely motivate you to waste less time.

Q: How long does this game take to play?

A: Set up time should not take more than 5 minutes. Daily game play will take about 7-10 minutes per day.

Q: Will this game be available to other University students?

A: There are plans in the works to raise funding for expansion to other campuses. This will also be dependent on the success of our project at Emory. Stay tuned!

Q: What ages is Dooley Rider suitable for?

A: It is suitable for all ages however, it is mainly focused on college students.


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