How do I support this amazing project?

Great question! The best way that you can support our project is through monetary donations. To proceed in development we must raise enough capital to hire full time game developers and a product testing infrastructure to create the highest quality product possible. As a supporter you would gain access to the exclusive rewards outlined in under the reward tiers section below.

Reward Tiers:

Pledge $7 or more

Dooley rider sticker

Pledge $15 or more

Access to one exclusive skin of your choice

Pledge $30 or more

Access to the digital Manual, digital Strategy Guide and Kickstarter backer updates.

Pledge $49 or more

Receive your name in the credits

Pledge $70 or more

Receive merchandise upon release of game

Pledge $120 or more

Can ask the founders any questions they would like and receive all of our autographs

Pledge $500 or more

Free dinner with the team of founders on our dime

Pledge $1000 or more

Alex Feldman will give you a smooch