Frequently Asked Questions: Answered by Developers

Q: Where can I find this game?

A: Dooley Rider will be available as a free downloadable app on both Apple and Android app stores.

Q: Will this really improve my time management?

A: We cannot guarantee anything, but what we can say is that if you play or game it will definitely motivate you to waste less time.

Q: How long does this game take to play?

A: Set up time should not take more than 5 minutes. Daily game play will take about 7-10 minutes per day.

Q: Will this game be available to other University students?

A: There are plans in the works to raise funding for expansion to other campuses. This will also be dependent on the success of our project at Emory. Stay tuned!

Q: What ages is Dooley Rider suitable for?

A: It is suitable for all ages however, it is mainly focused on college students.

How do I support this amazing project?

Great question! The best way that you can support our project is through monetary donations. To proceed in development we must raise enough capital to hire full time game developers and a product testing infrastructure to create the highest quality product possible. As a supporter you would gain access to the exclusive rewards outlined in under the reward tiers section below.

Reward Tiers:

Pledge $7 or more

Dooley rider sticker

Pledge $15 or more

Access to one exclusive skin of your choice

Pledge $30 or more

Access to the digital Manual, digital Strategy Guide and Kickstarter backer updates.

Pledge $49 or more

Receive your name in the credits

Pledge $70 or more

Receive merchandise upon release of game

Pledge $120 or more

Can ask the founders any questions they would like and receive all of our autographs

Pledge $500 or more

Free dinner with the team of founders on our dime

Pledge $1000 or more

Alex Feldman will give you a smooch

A script we all know too well…

Scenario 1:

8:00 pm on a Friday night

“Hey Will….. Whatcha going do tonight?”

“Oh sorry bruh…. I got to do homework.”

“You’re lame. Lets go out!”

“Nah…. I’m good. I have so much homework I have to do tonight.” Spends the rest of the night on his phone looking at instagram and social media…….

Scenario 2:

Goes to library to study for upcoming midterm at 5:00 pm on a Monday night

Goes to first floor of the library because friends are there…

You end up talking to friends for a while and do no homework

You make the fateful decision to go to the stacks

Walking down the aisles you are searching for a booth

Any booth that doesn’t have the words ‘your life is worthless’ scratched into the desk will do

You sit down and unpack your things

You study successfully for 30 mins in the stacks then ,

A glimmer of light catches your eye

You dare to peek at your phone and notice a notification from snapchat from your friend

Without thinking you pick up your phone

Respond to the snapchat

2 hours later, you are still browsing snapchat and all other social media apps on your phone…

Emory Student Body:

Do these scenarios feel familiar to you? Of course they do. Everyone has done some variation of this at some point and thus missed out on valuable study/work time that we will never get back. As first years here at Emory University, we have identified the problem of time wasting through social media and video streaming on smartphones to be a pervasive villain that affects everyone on a regular basis. This is the problem we set out to solve through the creation of Dooley Rider.

An introduction to the Team

The Kid

The Kid

The Kid is a Freshman at Emory studying business and dentistry. He also is a member of the varsity swim team.


Smashley is a Freshman at Emory studying Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology and is a member of the varsity volleyball team.

Jim Kirk

Kirk is a Freshman at Emory studying political science and classics. He is a member of the varsity track team and once plugged a USB in right side up on the first try.

Otis Moasby

Otis is a Freshman at Emory Studying Business and QSS. He is also a member of the Varsity Swim Team.


Dooley Rider: a Community Solution to Time Wasting

Dooley Rider is the next evolution of time management apps and strategies. Our innovative approach to the modern problem of time wasting is directed toward the Emory University student body in an attempt to decrease non-productive screen time. We invite you to explore this project and understand the rhetoric of Dooley Rider. Thank you.

I tried to get some work done today but I got distracted on my phone — Everyone